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Next Level GamingのSoUレビュー


Next Level Gamingは、93/100の総合評点を与えるSoUのレビューを投稿しました。以下はその抜粋です:



Next Level Gaming have posted their review of the Shadows of Undrentide expansion giving it an overall score of 93/100. Here's an excerpt:

As you can see, if you are already enjoying your NWN experience, either single player through the tons of downloadable modules available, or online with the hundreds of unique and dedicated servers, Shadows of Undrentide offers some very neat and polished additions to an already every expanding gaming experience.

The new and refined single player campaign, while not providing the Baldur's Gate III experience fans of the old series was expecting in NWN, easily outshines and outpaces the original Neverwinter adventure.