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NieR:Automata Voice Script English (just started)


Chapter 1

Section 1-1

Subsection 1-1-1



Brother... Brother...

I can use this.

It will be okay, brother!

Just a little more...



Doesn't matter how much oil you give him, little guy. You can't make a machine your brother.

Well...looks like it's time.

Subsection 1-1-2

Every thing that lives is designed to end.

We are perpetually trapped...


In a never-ending spiral of life and death.

Is this a curse?

Or some kind of punishment?

I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle...

and wonder if we'll ever have the chance to kill him.

Subsection 1-1-3

This is Command. YoRHa squadron. come in.

2B here. All units have penetrated the stratosphere.

Autopilot system green across the board.

across the board

This is Operator 6O. All units confirmed.

We've passed the 50-kilometer threshold and are proceeding toward the target.

Understood. Once you reach their anti-air defenses, proceed to manual-attack formation...

then destroy the Goliath-class unit by any means necessary and gather what data you can.


12H down.

All units, activate manual mode and rely on visuals to evade.

Already engaged. Free movement unlocked.

Origin point of long-range lasers confirmed.

11B down.

Our Ho229 cancellers are ineffective.

Alert: Enemy units sighted ahead.

Requesting permission to engage.

Permisson granted!

1D down. Assuming captain's duties.

Multiple surrounding enemy air units confirmed. Requesting permission to assume mobile configuration.

Permission granted.

Captain, I think...

...4B down.

Subsection 1-1-4

2B to Operator 6O.

All allied units down.

The operation is compromised. Awaiting further orders.

O-Operator to 2B.

We need you to rendezvous with unit 9S and begin gathering data on the local terrain.


Section 1-2

Subsection 1-2-1

Alert: Heavy damage to Ho229 flight unit.

Initiating short-range radio-wave camouflage.

Activating short-range attack gear

Alert: Large enemy group detected.

Yes. I'm aware of that.

Enemies destroyed.

Not quite.

Is that our target?

Negative. This enemy is unrelated.

Proposal: Dispatch it as swiftly as possible.

You don't say.

Laser communications recovered.

2B...transmitting...Pod prog...l

Pod program download complete.

Subsection 1-2-2

Better make sure he's actually dead next time.

That was dangerous, ma'am.

You're 2B, wright?

My name is 9S. I'm here to provide support.

Copy that.

Soooo, was that big of buzz-saw the Goliath you came here to take out?

No. Just another defensive system.

Oh. Well, uh... I guess we have to find the target then, huh?

I've got a flight unit, so I'll take a look around the perimeter.

All right. I'll work my way inside from the ground.

Subsection 1-2-3

2B? Uh, ma'am?

What is it?

I was going to send you the map data I collected earlier.

Do it.

Exit confirmed closed.

So open it.

Negative. Nearby enemies are jamming our signal.

Nothing's ever easy...

You know, ma'am. I'm glad you're here.


Scanners like me mostly work alone. Scouting out enemy lines and all that?

I don't usually get a partner. It's kind of fun!

...Emotions are prohibited.

S-sorry, ma'am!

And another thing...

Stop calling me "ma'am".


It's unnecessary.

All right, then, 2B it is!

Subsection 1-2-4

This place sure is big.

I guess humans used to use it as a weapons factory.

But now it's just crawling with machines.

The enemy seems to have repurposed the facility to increase their overall machine production.

So if we don't destroy it, they'll just keep coming.

It's just accessing random nonsensical data from the old world.

There's no actual meaning behind anything machines do.

Alert: Bulletproof apparatus detected on enemies.

Close-range combat is advised.

I know.

Subsection 1-2-5

I surveyed the entire factory, but couldn't find anything resembling our target.

Maybe they...I dunno. Moved it somewhere?

Is that...?

You mean the birds?

Yeah, there's more plants and animals here than there used to be. Probably because the environment's changed.

There should be another facility across that bridge.

It's a bit of a hike, but should we check it out?

It's not like Command to get a location wrong. I guess even they get bad intel from time to time, huh?


I wouldn't bet on that.

Section 1-3

Subsection 1-3-1

Alert: High-powered jamming detected.

No response from long-range communications.

Doesn't matter. I'll just take 'em out.

Is that?

Target enemy detected.


What's your status?

This is the target. I'm going to destroy it.

Uh...right. I'll provide support!

Alert: Incoming enemy attack from below.

Proposal: Evade.

Hacking in!


Subsection 1-3-2



9S black box signal detected.

No response to communications.

I'm going after him!

Send a support request to Command!

Negative: Communications have been jammed.


I have to repair him.

Pod, get me staunching gel and logic-virus vaccines. Then access the...

Inadvisable. The subject's vital signs are too poor to attempt field repair in the current...

Shut up! Just do what I say!

2B... Just go...

You shut up too!

We...we're sold...iers We take pride in...our service...

Ho229 flight unit. Command 677 received.

Usage rights transferred from 9S to 2B. Requesting acknowledgement.


...All right.

Subsection 1-3-3

Kill... Kill... Kill... Kill...

It...talks? I didn't know the machines had that kind of intelligence.

2B... I found a weakness in the target...

Hacking in...to provide support!

2B... The control...on the enemy's upper arm...

Use your Pod... Sh-should be able to...take it over...

I told you to shut up!

Control...of upper arm...seized from enemy unit.

Marking weak point...

Got it.

Seize it's control system!


Infiltrating enemy sub-unit.

Behavior table adjusted.

Balance controls overridden.

Enemy unit subjugation complete.

Would you just...die already!

Subsection 1-3-4

Heheh... Talk about...bringing the battle to them...huh, 2B?

Contact Command. Request assistance.

No... It doesn't look like that's...going to be necessary...

I don't imagine that...this is going to end well.

The black box...

It's ready.


Requesting...destruction of enemy hostiles via black-box reaction.

Request accepted.

2B...it was an honor to fight with you. Truly.

The honor was mine.

Section 1-4

Subsection 1-4-1

So...mission complete and all that, huh?

The Goliaths were wiped out, and we secured a route into enemy territory. Now we can...



Thank you.

For uploading my data to the Bunker.


Um, I did that? Sorry, I don't remember.

There wasn't a whole lot of bandwidth down there, you know?

I probably only had enough time to back up your memories.

Mine are only intact up to the point just before we rendezvoused.

...I see.

Glory to mankind.


Glory...to mankind.

Subsection 1-4-2

5012 A.D.

The year mankind's glorious history come to a sudden and abrupt end...


when the world was invaded by aliens from beyond the stars

beyond the something

the region beyond the grave

The sun set beyond the Western horizon

The aliens unleashed a new breed of weapon - machine lifeforms - that all annihilated human civilization.


unleash one's anger [resentment] on a person

breed of

a different breed of man

The handful of survivors that remained fled from Earth, seeking refuge on the moon.

handful of

5204 A.D.

Humanity launched its counterattack. deploying an army of androids from a network of orbiting bases.

to launch an attack




But after more than a dozen large-scale-descents upon the enemy, we still haven't managed to repel the invaders.

a dozen



manage to do something


a chemical substance that repels insects

a chemical substance that repels animals

That is why you, the YoRHa forces, exist:

To break this stalemate once and for all.


for all time

You are our ultimate weapon...and you must put an end to this war.


put an end to something

Understood, sir.

I wish you good hunting.

Wish you good luck


Glory to mankind!

Glory to mankind!

Glory...to mankind.

Subsection 1-4-3



The Commander's put me in charge of your maintenance, ma'am.

put someone in charge of something

Let's put her in charge of that.

in charge of something

to take charge of something

Who has charge of this ward?

Who is in charge of this ward?

That means I'll be performing regular checks on you from now on.

That means


regular check

from now on

...I see.

Oh, don't worry. We 9S models are the best around, you know.

the best around

Though I suppose we're not exactly known for our modesty.


be not exactly known

known for

It is known for its luxury hospitality.


Hm? What is it, ma'am?

Stop calling me "ma'am."

Will you please stop doing that.


There's no need to be so formal.

A-All right. If you say so.

Oh, I almost forget -

The Commander was call for you.

call for

We'd better go see what's up, ma - er, 2B!

Subsection 1-4-4

Ah, 2B.

Maintenance finished?

Yes, Commander.

You detonated your black box in order to defeat the enemy.


detonate a charge of dynamite

Bold, but risky. Try not to be so reckless next time.




I know you're fresh out of maintenance, but I have another mission for you.


fresh out of something

I need you to head to the surface, rendezvous with the Resistance, and do some recon.

To head


Doesn't YoRHa have a dedicated Resistance contact already?



We haven't been able to get in touch with them.

To get in touch with someone

So we'll need you to look into that as well.

To look into something


Subsection 1-4-5

The surface? That means we'll be getting flight units, huh?

will be doing

Better head for the hangar!


Heh. Usually we can't get NEAR flight units. They're way too expensive for us grunts.


Too bad they can't mass-produce these things yet...

too bad

The hangar's up ahead. Let's go.