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Autumn anime reviews on 18th October

Iwa Kakeru sport climbing girls


It's more interesting and better drew than I thought (I have read the original manga). The animation is nice and makes my heart hot [4/5].

Gymnastics Samurai


It's funny and so new since it's about Gymnastics. All characters are so unique, and the art of ending is outstanding. I expect something special along with the story! [3.5/5]

The Day I Became a God


It's so interesting and funny and mysterious. Furthermore, the speed of the advance of the episode is so quick that it's nice entertainment [4/5].

ToniKawa Fly me to the moon.


Unfortunately, the heroine in the original manga is a bit cuter than in anime. By the way, I'm surprised the Crunchyroll participates in the production committee. I think it would be good if the anime industry is supported globally. [3.5/5]

Wandering Witch The Journey of Elaina


It's very good for the story which was reconstructed for TV series, beautiful pictures, and fluent animation. It's far better than I expected. [4/5]