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I've been to Paris (パリに行ってきました)

On 1st and 2nd September, I've been to Paris.



French Revolution (フランス革命)

I was going to places related to the French Revolution.


The Temple Tower is my first place visited in Paris.


After the revolution, there were two parties that forgive the king and not forgive him. The former party was defeated by latter one. Louis XVII was imprisoned in the tower and died in 1795 when he was twenty two years old. Napoleon disliked this tower because this is a sad place, and broke it.


Actually the meaning of Bastille is just "fortress" so they call it "The Bastille".

People in Paris seems to be enjoying their weekends very well. They, not only young people but also old people, enjoy conversations in cafes and sunbathing and dancing at many places. They looks very happy, and this city seems very nice to me.


My friend told me that the rhythm of the music is called salsa, and in Colombia they dance it very well.

French bread is very delicious. It's better than other bread because the surface is hard and salty. To tell the scientific background of french bread, the water of the Seine river contains a lot of minerals, and they make french bread very delicious. Therefore, French bread is most delicious in Paris.


The Cult of the Supreme Being was performed by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution. Revolutionary government didn't support religions but he thought people needs something like religion. Revolutionary government also unified many kinds of currencies and decided scales such as "meter" to be independent from any political or historical power. They had a big ideal, but it was too big.


Napoleon wasn't a excellent student, but he was a great leader of not only battle but also political things such as diplomacy, education, economy, and so on.


The Museum of Rodin (ロダン美術館)

Mostly I've been to places related to French Revolution, but only one place not related to it is the museum of Rodin.


Of course you know this statue, but he made many other statues, and I was surprised that they are very impressive for me.


Many statues were not only one person but a few persons who are struggling, crying, moving and shouting.


Back to French Revolution (再びフランス革命へ)

Luxembourg Palace was a temporary political place.



During the French Revolution, the National Assembly decide that the Louvre should be used as a museum to display the nation's masterpieces.


Philippe d'Orléans opened the gardens of the palace to all Parisians and people who have new thoughts gathered here and have discussions.


French king moved from this palace to Versailles Place in 1683, but angry people bring Luis XVI returned to here in 1789. He was imprisoned in 1792 because he tried to run away to Austria, and here became political place.


I felt that Paris is a special place loved and kept by citizens for a long time. They fought here, and leaders also fought for their ideals. We can still walk through their minds.