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  • Hさん:

    • iPadOS17のUVCは便利そう
  • iPad相談:

    • 標準メモ。慣れれば便利そう。
    • post-itアプリ
    • PC代わりに使うのはあきらめた方が良いかも



  • WindowsにFirefoxをインストール:
    • 気になったこと:
      • Raindropのサーチバー検索
      • ブックマークがグチャグチャ(あとでやる)
      • Windows触っていると時間がどんどんなくなるので気をつけたい
      • 新規タブランダムページ:http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Randompage
      • Windowsのクリップボード履歴や絵文字入力が気になってしまう。Mac miniを買うべきか?
  • iPadにiPadOS17をインストール
  • TodoistでCBT、プロジェクトがスマホでも複製できるのが良さそう
  • ユニバーサリティーは幻想か
    • ブラウザアプリはどこでも同じように動く、とはいかない(日本語入力、拡張機能などの違い)
    • Windowsを使っているとMacが欲しくなるが、たぶんMacを買うとどちらかを減らしたくなる。機能(複数PC)には摩擦(操作方法の記憶等)が伴う。摩擦は忘れがちだが大きく、結局我慢した方が良い。
    • https://gigazine.net/news/20230428-dropbox-lays-off-500-employees/
    • 「プログラムを書く仕事などがAIで代替できる」
    • おりひめロボットカフェ、HoloMさんと行ってみるか?
    • デジタルアイデンティティ




  • 我が家で流行中(主にかみさん):Playdate




My review without any spoiler: Violet Evergarden the Movie

There is no spoiler in this review. Please don't ask me for spoilers because I think there are many people who don't want to see any spoiler and I should respect them and avoid that kind of accident. I'm truly sorry and thank you for your consideration.

  • Characters
    • The characters in the original series act as attractively as the original. I have watched the original series plenty of times, and I didn't feel strange at all.
    • Violet's feelings were already animated beautifully in the original series, even more so in the movie which made us sympathize more strongly.
  • Picture
    • Very good. I felt there is no difference from the original series, including all of the character drawings. They draw quite carefully and beautifully as well, also coloring and photographing look there is no change.
  • Story
    • There is no excursion. All plots are included in the main scenario.
    • I think the story is more similar to the original series than the Side Story. The atmosphere is almost the same as the original series.
    • The speed of the story development is a bit slower than the original series, but it's still quick. That draws you in and makes you think "What will happen next?".
    • There were some themes in the original series, and the movie has them as well.
  • Conclusion
    • I think that movie is quite good. I'm thinking of going to the cinema a few more times. Although I'm not sure how ordinary people think of the movie, in my opinion, the movie will succeed. And, I think it will show in foreign countries.

"Is the Japanese phrase Aishiteru ever used for family? - Definitely not"


(From Reddit of Violet Evergarden)

I'm Japanese so it seems I must answer your question. As for me, I say "Aishiteru" to my wife about once a month especially when she is exhausted. When right after I married her, I said about once two days... This is so embarrassing! Also, I say "Aishiteru" to my children once a month. I think this frequency is even higher in Japanese.

Basically "Aishiteru" and "I love you" are so different. The former is very dramatic, like confessing your romantic feeling and the latter is ordinary for family. We usually say "Are you fine?" or don't say anything but just smile gently or show empathy for them.

I think the alternatives to the "I love you" for Japanese are simply "I'm going", "take care", "I'm home", "welcome back", "hello", "Good morning", "Good afternoon"... greetings. Us Japanese think greetings are quite important (I think you too). Probably almost all families discipline kids for many and many times not to forget greetings. I think they are replacement for the "I love you".

In my opinion, the Japanese don't like straight expressions, while it:s recommended to speak your opinion and debate in some western countries. Us Japanese like ambiguous opinion and pick up them so that it looks as if there were no conflict. Maybe it's because we live on islands, we are an (almost) single tribe, our culture has small diversity, we don't have the religious discipline... we have had fewer times to debate in everyday life.