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About rich areas in Tokyo (Kaguya-sama)


I think I'm a bit responsible to explain about the previous chapter in Kaguya-sama. In the map below, I draw a red circle and an orange circle. The former one is an area for very rich people and the latter one is for rich people.


The reason why the red circle is for very rich people is history. Basically, the beginning of Tokyo city is the red circle including the empire palace (In the era, that was the Edo castle).


There were inn towns in the orange circle. Thus the value of the area depends on history.

If I were to create a new community on Reddit... (Redditでコミュニティを作るとしたら)

Most recently, Reddit rolled out a new feature of creating your own community. (つい最近、Redditは新しいコミュニティを作ることができるようになりました)

I have tried to make a plan as followings. (自分で作るとしたらどんなのもにするか、考えてみました)

For the time being, the number of members is supposed to be about 20. (コミュニティの規模は、とりあえず20人を想定しています)

The points of this community is following three things (このコミュニティの特徴は以下の3点です)

  • All members love either "Violet Evergarden", "NieR:Automata" or "Love is War (Kaguya-sama)", so there is some kind of common factor (全員がVE、NA、かぐやのいずれかが大好きなので、共通する何らかの要素がある)
  • All members are learning Japanese or English, so you can ask and teach to others (全員が語学を勉強していて、お互いに教え合うことができる)
  • Because it's a private community, you can post such as a picture of the latest chapter (プライベートなコミュニティなので、最新話のアニメのシーンやマンガのカットなどをそのまま投稿できる)


*You don't have to read Rules if you're not interested in (It's very long)

Requirements of Member(メンバー要件)

  • Loving either "Violet Evergarden", "NieR:Automata" or "Love is War (Kaguya-sama)" (VE・かぐや・NAのいずれかが好き)
  • And learning Japanese or English (日本語か英語を勉強している)

Requirements of Post (投稿要件)

  • Something related to Anime, Manga, Game or stuffs like them, including Artwork, Music, Novel, Analog Game, Figure, etc. (アニメ・マンガ・ゲーム・それらの周辺に関すること)
  • Or something about language learning (語学勉強に関すること)


  • A post is totally not restricted within both "Violet Evergarden", "NieR:Automata" and "Love is War (Kaguya-sama)" (VE、NA、LiWに限らない)
  • Very short and casual post such as tweet on Twitter is welcome (Twitterのつぶやきくらい気軽なものでOK)
    • eg. "I just watched Madoka Magica. It's really great. The originality is so awesome and surprising." (例:まどか☆マギカを見ました。すごいです。とても独創的で驚きました。)
    • eg. "What is 'Hey dude, it stunned me a sec' in Japanese?" (例:「明日がいい!」は英語では何という?)
    • Twitter for Android is able to share a tweet directly to a community on Reddit (unable for iPhone)(Android版のTwitterではツイートを直接Redditのコミュニティに共有できる。iPhoneは不可。)
  • NSFW is basically prohibited because apparently a lot of people who aren't male love the three titles I listed above, but you could post with the tag. Besides, there are only a bit sexual pictures such as with a bit sexual speech for general people, while they don't annoy all members. (男性以外にもたくさんの人たちが前述の3タイトルを愛しているようなので、エロ画像などは歓迎しないが、タグを付ければ投稿して良い。それに、メンバーは不快ではないが、例えばちょっと卑猥な発言を含むシーンなど、一般の人にとってはほんのちょっとだけ性的な画像もある)

Languages of Post (投稿言語)

English or Japanese or Mixed (英語か日本語か、その両方が混ざったもの)

Access Control (アクセス制御)

private (Only approved users can view and submit to this community) (プライベート)

  • Because it's more difficult to post for many and unspecified than related (不特定多数に見られると発言しにくいから)
  • Besides, you could post without concerning to copyright (eg. a cut of a manga) and spoiler. However, the post which damages their economical activity is prohibited (eg. a whole chapter of a manga). (著作権やネタバレを気にしなくて良い。ただし、例えばマンガを1話まるごと投稿するような、著作権者に不利益をもたらすものは禁止。)

Strengths (メリット)

  • It would be easier for you to find out friends who are learning language (Twitterだとアニメ等で語学勉強している仲間を作りにくい)
  • Those who doesn't use Twitter can join. There are many such people. (Twitterをやっていない人でも参加できる。そういう人は多い)
  • You would miss fewer posts than Twitter (投稿の取りこぼしが少ない)
  • You can try to post in both English and Japanese without confidence because all members are learning (コミュニティ内では英語も日本語も試すことができる。全員語学勉強中なので、自信がなくても恥ずかしくない)
  • You don't have to register to any other SNS because you can see it on Reddit feed (RedditのFeedに入るので新しいSNSに登録する必要がない)
  • You could invite your mates (自分の親しい人を仲間を招待できる)

Weaknesses (デメリット)

It would be a little tough to say something because all members could see their posts (メンバー全員に見えるため、Twitterよりもpostの敷居が高くなり、発言が減る)

Rules (ルール)

In other words, rules are conditions of banning. (ルールとはすなわちバン条件である)

  • Be respectful (尊重)
    • Do not flame, start drama, bait maliciously, use slurs or disrespect/insult members (かっと怒らない、大騒ぎしない、歪曲しない、メンバーを中傷しない・見下さない・侮辱しない)
    • Do not discriminate against a certain country, religion, race, sexuality, or group (特定の国、宗教、地域、民族、ジェンダー、集団を差別しない)
    • Do not create negative or hostile atmospheres (否定的、敵対的な空気を作らない)
    • Political discussions are not allowed. By the way did you know that politics is broader than what a currently sitting government is doing. (政治論議やいわゆる宗教論争をしない)
  • Lewd Content(わいせつなもの)
    • Keep up your attention for that a lot of people who aren't male love either of the three titles I listed above. (男性以外にもたくさんの人たちが前述の3タイトルを愛していることに気をつけること)
    • Explicitly NSFW contents and sexual discussions are basically prohibited, but if you dare post those contents for a benefit of this community, you have to add NSFW tag. (明確にわいせつなものやみだらな議論は基本的に禁止するが、そのような投稿をコミュニティの利益のために敢えてするときにはNSFWすなわちNot Safe For Work、職場で見るのは危険である、というタグを付けなければならない)
    • There are only a bit sexual pictures such as with a bit sexual speech, while they don't annoy all members. (メンバーは不快ではないが、例えばちょっと卑猥な発言を含むシーンなど、ほんのちょっとだけ性的な画像もある。)
    • Keep all members feel easy to see the feed. (メンバーが安心して閲覧できるようにしなければならない)
    • If you are unsure whether something is NSFW or not, ask a moderator, or put NSFW tag on the content at the moment and then ask a moderator. (NSFWに該当するか不明な場合はモデレーターに尋ねるか、とりあえずNSFWタグを付けておいて、それからモデレーターに尋ねること)
  • Spoilers(ネタバレ)
    • Consider for other members about spoilers. All members are supposed to be able to consider by themselves. (このコミュニティのメンバーは自主的に他のメンバーに配慮できるという前提で、自分で判断し必要な配慮をすること)
    • For the time being, Spoiler contents are basically allowed(とりあえずネタバレは基本的に禁止しません)
    • However, Critical Spoilers are prohibited (しかしながら、致命的なネタバレは禁止します)
    • Followings are kind of standards (以下は目安です)
      • Hold on a day for posting Critical Spoilers of the latest chapter in anime* and manga (I'm not sure it's reasonable to set it a day for anime. Please give me your opinion) (アニメ*やマンガの最新話の重大なネタバレは世に出てから1日間は待って下さい。*アニメについては要検討)
      • Consider for only the members who are watching/reading in real time(リアルタイムに追っているメンバーに対してのみ配慮して下さい)
      • Add Spoiler tag for Critical Spoilers of movies which have not showed internationally (not completely but generally), and spoilers of critical story point in anime and manga series's. (また、まだ国際的に充分に放映されていない映画の重大なネタバレやアニメやマンガの物語の意外な結末などについてはSpoilerすなわちネタバレタグを付けてください)
      • If you are unsure whether something is Critical Spoiler or not, ask a moderator, or temporary put Spoiler tag on the content and then ask a moderator. (致命的なネタバレに該当するか不明な場合はモデレーターに尋ねるか、とりあえずSpoilerタグを付けておいて、それからモデレーターに尋ねること)。
  • Copyright
    • Following the screening of small people, you can post without concerning to copyright (eg. a cut of a manga). However, the post which damages their economical activity is prohibited (eg. a whole page of a manga). (小規模人数の上映会に準じて、マンガの1カットなどを著作権を気にせずに投稿して良い。ただし、例えばマンガを1ページまるごと投稿するような、著作権者に不利益をもたらすものは禁止。)

Not everything understandable is also definable. Enforcements of rules are up to the moderators' discretion. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to message a moderator.(理解できるすべてが定義可能であるわけではありません。 規則の施行は、モデレーターの裁量によります。 質問、懸念事項、フィードバックがある場合は、モデレーターにメッセージを送ってください。)

(I referred to the rules of Kyoto Animation Discord rules)

Although it's still just an idea, please give your comment at under this article if you're interested in. Just a few words is no problem. Thank you very much. (まだアイデアの段階ですが、ご興味がありましたらコメントを頂けると嬉しいです。よろしくお願いします。)

A Good Tool for Learning Japanese with Netflix

The First Scene on Violet Evergarden with Language Learning with Netflix (LLN)

I'm a Japanese fan learning English with VE. In contrast to English subs, Japanese subs are completely the same as what voice actors say. So you don't need dictation to watch both listening Japanese speech and reading Japanese subs.

However, I heard from foreign friends that there are 2 big problems.

  1. Japanese subs are written with Kanji
  2. Japanese subs are not separated into phrases

Now then, "Language Learning with Netflix (LLN)" is a Google Chrome extension which add a function to Netflix interface. Specifically, that shows two language subs together.

The points are the way of showing Japanese subs.

  1. LNN shows all Japanese subs with alphabet (Romaji) with English subs and
  2. those are separated into phrases.

It seems to me a very good tool for learning Japanese. And, of course, learning language with Violet is fantastic experience, you know.