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Violet Evergarden

It seems to me the doll is not just a good writer but also a good listener

To be honest, I was wondering why even though a part of people in the world of Violet Evergarden can read letters, they request the dolls to write their letters.

My review without any spoiler: Violet Evergarden the Movie

There is no spoiler in this review. Please don't ask me for spoilers because I think there are many people who don't want to see any spoiler and I should respect them and avoid that kind of accident. I'm truly sorry and thank you for your …

"Is the Japanese phrase Aishiteru ever used for family? - Definitely not"

(From Reddit of Violet Evergarden) I'm Japanese so it seems I must answer your question. As for me, I say "Aishiteru" to my wife about once a month especially when she is exhausted. When right after I married her, I said about once two day…

<Violet Evergarden> Contradiction of Dietfied's Behavior to Violet

This is about the contradiction of Dietfied's behavior to Violet that he often blamed her while he saved her on the train. His facial expression when he said "Gil, she’s no child. She’s just a weapon" in beginning of episode 8 looks a litt…

<Violet Evergarden> Why did she want to get on the roof? (Episode 1)

I felt the above scene is a little strange. I wonder why she wanted to get there?

A Good Tool for Learning Japanese with Netflix

The First Scene on Violet Evergarden with Language Learning with Netflix (LLN) I'm a Japanese fan learning English with VE. In contrast to English subs, Japanese subs are completely the same as what voice actors say. So you don't need dict…

Harvests on the Winter Comic Market 97 1st / 2nd day

1st day #1 "Reviews of All 94 Anime Movies in 2019" by CFL There were strong criticisms, but each of them are reasonable with long explanations. Watching many anime movies this year, I enjoyed this content much.