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A Good Tool for Learning Japanese with Netflix

The First Scene on Violet Evergarden with Language Learning with Netflix (LLN)

I'm a Japanese fan learning English with VE. In contrast to English subs, Japanese subs are completely the same as what voice actors say. So you don't need dictation to watch both listening Japanese speech and reading Japanese subs.

However, I heard from foreign friends that there are 2 big problems.

  1. Japanese subs are written with Kanji
  2. Japanese subs are not separated into phrases

Now then, "Language Learning with Netflix (LLN)" is a Google Chrome extension which add a function to Netflix interface. Specifically, that shows two language subs together.

The points are the way of showing Japanese subs.

  1. LNN shows all Japanese subs with alphabet (Romaji) with English subs and
  2. those are separated into phrases.

It seems to me a very good tool for learning Japanese. And, of course, learning language with Violet is fantastic experience, you know.