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My review without any spoiler: Violet Evergarden the Movie

There is no spoiler in this review. Please don't ask me for spoilers because I think there are many people who don't want to see any spoiler and I should respect them and avoid that kind of accident. I'm truly sorry and thank you for your consideration.

  • Characters
    • The characters in the original series act as attractively as the original. I have watched the original series plenty of times, and I didn't feel strange at all.
    • Violet's feelings were already animated beautifully in the original series, even more so in the movie which made us sympathize more strongly.
  • Picture
    • Very good. I felt there is no difference from the original series, including all of the character drawings. They draw quite carefully and beautifully as well, also coloring and photographing look there is no change.
  • Story
    • There is no excursion. All plots are included in the main scenario.
    • I think the story is more similar to the original series than the Side Story. The atmosphere is almost the same as the original series.
    • The speed of the story development is a bit slower than the original series, but it's still quick. That draws you in and makes you think "What will happen next?".
    • There were some themes in the original series, and the movie has them as well.
  • Conclusion
    • I think that movie is quite good. I'm thinking of going to the cinema a few more times. Although I'm not sure how ordinary people think of the movie, in my opinion, the movie will succeed. And, I think it will show in foreign countries.