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その他: About "gun" and "fun"(語学研修中のスピーチ)

Yesterday a man, with his four guns, want into an elementary school and entered the gym and killed thirteen children and a teacher. After shooting them, he killed himself.

Without any doubt, this is a "tragedy". We have to study this case and consider   it. But on the other hand, we must remenber there are many people killed unresonably.   We should not consentrate on this problem. So now, let's return to yesterday's   tragedy.

It's easy to say, "He is crazy!". But I think we have to think about the other things. Why was he crazy? Because of his birth? No, impossible. There must be something made his life unhappy.

Once I heard of a man, Japanese, who went to Hawwai. He went to a training   spot and shoot for a while. He said to us that he really had felt that he wanted   to bring a gun to Japan (of course he didn't). The reason why I quoted this   talk is that I want to tell you about the "attracting" power of gun. It is gun   that makes people mad. In my opinion, we have to exile guns.

But on the other hand, we have to think about the hardness to have our lives. A long time ago, we hadn't any time to be sad, to dispair on our lives because we couldn't afford to. It was very hard "only" to live on.

But the condition has changed today. We have got a lot of time to do something   not connected with living. We don't have to be afraid of whether we will be   alive tomorrow or not. Instead of this, we think:

"Mm...what will I do, on next Saturday? I have nothing to do. It's a pity!"

This is not only ridiculous, but also serious, in my oponion. Sometimes, some   of us cannot stand being boring, like the man who killed children.

Of course we want to have safer, more comfortable and more stable life. But   on the other hand, we want the contrary!...thrill, dangerousness, exicitement.   What should we think of it? Is it a condition impossible to avoid?

I don't think so. I think that what we have to do is not only to make our lives more stable, but also to find other fun. But certainly it's difficult to find other fun because we always want something new, unusual.

And the worst thing I think is that we don't think our fun essential for our   lives. Unfortunitely we tend to think our fun only as the waste of time, but   we cannot help doing these things, so we feel guilty with our fun.

In my opinion, we'd better change our minds about the fun.